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Review of: SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard

The SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard from Chris Obrien is a excellent tool for SharePoint 2007 content deployment.


  • Ability to “cherry-pick” content to deploy using a tree view – this is from entire site collection down to individual lists, folders, list items (including files)
  • Dependencies of selected content (e.g. referenced CSS files, master pages) are automatically included in the export – check ‘Exclude dependencies of selected objects’ to disable this.
  • All required content types, columns etc. are automatically included in the export.
  • In contrast to STSADM export, it is possible to retain GUIDs during deployment. This is required for scenarios where the destination should be a mirror-image of the source, such as staging/production environments for the same site
  • Open Source and free


  • Cannot automate the deployment using scripts.
  • No file system files (assemblies, SharePoint Solutions/Features etc.) are deployed – these must already be present on the target for the import to succeed).
  • Following content does not get captured by the Content Migration API – alerts, audit trail, change log history, recycle-bin items, workflow tasks/state.
  • Does not support incremental changes.
  • No official Support available

Things to know:

  • Content is exported using the Content Migration API (PRIME) as a .cmp file (Content Migration Package)
  • Tool must be installed locally on the server which hosts the site
  • Not all features of the Content Migration API are supported by the tool
  • It must be run under an account which has the appropriate permissions to the SharePoint site – use the Windows ‘Run as..’ feature to do this if necessary.

Scenario’s (When to use this tool):

As per the author “I would suggest the tool could well have a place in your SharePoint toolbox, but it’s likely to be something you use every now and then, rather than all the time.

The two main scenarios where I use the tool are:

  • At the end of the development phase when I need to move a site from development to staging/production. Here, the tool allows me to be sure that all relationships/linkages between objects will be preserved (so no problems with ListViewWebParts/DataViewWebParts/InfoPath forms for example)
  • Any odd occasions where I have a need to move a particular document library/list, or a particular set of files (e.g. master page, page layouts, CSS etc.). This assumes by the way, that the files were not deployed with a feature – I wouldn’t recommend mixing the deployment methods like that.

Helpful links:

Chris Obrien’s Blog


Download from CodePlex


Review of: SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard

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2 comments for “Review of: SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard”

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    Posted by List of 10 useful SharePoint Tools from CodePlex | Tech Cocktail | February 24, 2009, 8:53 pm
  2. Praveen,

    I would need your help.

    I’m new on sharepoint and very much confused with its deployment mechanism. Because of:

    According to my understanding, there is no single way to deploy a sharepoint site. Always too many ways and steps involved to do.

    I’ve to copy a site from development to production. The site has features, listing, custom template, styles etc.

    My first question would be is this would be helpful utility or am I confused with its use.

    Is there a way to deploy a site without investing $$$ to buy expensive solution and can be done with ease – package and install.


    Posted by Ramiz Uddin | February 2, 2010, 3:46 am

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