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Oxite – Open Source blogging platform from Microsoft

Microsofts Open source Blogging Platform

Microsoft today released an alpha version of Oxite, an open source CMS (Content Management System) that developers can use to build sophisticated blogs or large web sites.

Microsoft Oxite offers almost everything you need in a good blogging platform – anonymous or authenticated commenting, comment moderation, gravatar support, RSS feeds, pingbacks, trackbacks, SEO optimized clean URLs, multiple blogs, group blogging and support for custom pages.
At first glance Oxite appears to compete with established blogging products including those from Six Apart.

Oxite vs WordPress and Blogger

  1. Oxite is is not targeted at the end user or less-technical Web users wanting to set up a blog, instead it is designed for developers who need to create CMS applications using the Microsoft Platform.
  2. You need Windows hosting to run Oxite since it is based on the Microsoft technology stack – ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server. WordPress’ runs on less costly Linux based PHP and MySQL hosting.

Like WordPress and Blogger, Oxite does support the MetaWebLog API so it should be easy for end users to publish content via Windows Live Writer and other existing blog clients.

Oxite on Codeplex

Video from Oxite Developers

Video from Oxite dev team sharing how they built Oxite and the salient features of the product.

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