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Sharepoint Architecture Diagrams – Part – 2

Business Connectivity Services Model: Microsoft Business Connectivity Services are a set of services and features in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 that support integrating data from external systems into solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. This model poster describes the architecture of Microsoft Business Connectivity Services in […]

Sharepoint Architecture Diagrams – Part 1

SharePoint 2010 Products Deployment: Presents such deployment-related information as the different deployment stages and environments, plus a flowchart that illustrates the steps for installing and configuring SharePoint 2010 Products. Download Links: Visio PDF XPS Services in SharePoint 2010 Products: Describes and illustrates the services architecture, including and common ways to deploy services in your overall […]

Windows 7 Vs Windows Server 2008 for SharePoint Development

Microsoft made some great improvements with SharePoint 2010 and one of significant one is that now you can run SharePoint 2010 on client Operating Systems like Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows Vista with SP2. Now the question arises if one should use Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 for development? I would suggest Windows Server […]

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